Campus Obscura: What can we find?

Please join me, and these objects, as we journey together to discover their secrets and their own unique histories. 

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Interesting Observations

I'm working on some research for a project involving the Fourth of July. As a some-day hopeful ex-pat (sorry USA), I've always been interested in displays of "patriotism", be it verbage or physical actions. What better day to see "patriotism" in action than the Day of our Independence from Tyranny? Some general observations of patriotism... Continue Reading →

Advanced DH techniques

and forgetting passwords   So, I'm more used to using Regular Expressions in Notepad++ because I have to do it for work every now and then. I wanted to challenge myself to learn everything I do at work on my Windows PC on my Mac laptop. Bad idea apparently. The lessons I found online through... Continue Reading →

Working with code and beyond

Working with code What wonders code can allow us. Who knew that a few simple elements, and a little bit of formatting, one can indeed create webpages that both stun and inform! Certain languages are easier to learn (HTML for one), while others rely on a little more advanced understanding of coding syntax.   I'm... Continue Reading →

What does Digital History seem to be?

If we go by the definition of the two words taken separately, we find that digital means: 4. of, relating to, or being data in the form of especially binary digits; history means: 3. a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events

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